Comparing Nick Savage’s salary to other NCAA strength coaches

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A recent USA Today article revealed the salaries ofeach college football strength coach in the country.

Florida’s Nick Savage, who enters his second year on the job in 2019, ranked in at 40th overall on the list with a salary of $250,000 annually. Many Gator fans would argue that Savage has earned every penny of his pay and probably even needs a raise.

The turnaround of Florida football in 2018 was likely owed in part to an improved strength and conditioning regiment. Prior to Savage’s arrival, the strength program led by coach Mike Kent under the Jim McElwain regime has been the subject of ridicule of fans and often mocked by former players.

By comparison, Mike Kent made $245,750 while at Florida. Will Mushcamp’s conditioning coach, Jeff Dillman, made $215,000 at Florida. Urban Meyer’s longtime strength coach Mickey Marotti made $240,000 when he coached the Gators.

When Dan Mullen First arrived on the Florida campus in December of 2017, he held a meeting with his players who were about to undergo the new off-season conditioning program. His message was simple – the players needed to rest up because they had “never in their lives” experienced a program as tough as what Nick Savage would put them through.

Nick Savage
(Photo Credit: UF Staff Directory)

While he currently isn’t near the top of the list, remember that Nick Savage is still relatively young. As with any field, pay is commiserate with experience. He also received a substantial bump in pay when he came to Florida, as he nearly doubled the $150,000 salary he earned at Mississippi State.

Overall, Savage’s pay is ranked 12th in the SEC. His base salary of $250,000 is tied with programs California, Florida Atlantic, Virginia, Louisiana-Lafayette, Iowa State and Kentucky.

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