Franks could end up in Florida record books after 2018 season

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Hate it or love it, the underdog is currently sitting on top. Feleipe Franks entered the 2018 football season with a sizable chunk of Gator Nation never wanting to see him take a snap again.

You can’t really blame those fans. If you have a strong stomach, go back and watch some of the Franks performances of 2017. Be warned though – you may vomit.

Then came along Dan Mullen. As it would turn out, this guy is really, really good at maximizing a young quarterback’s potential.

Were fans all a bit too hard on Franks? Most probably agree that the former staff wasn’t really cut it out for Florida. The general consensus now is that McElwain was in way over his head. So did we all fault Franks too much, when he probably never had proper development?

He struggled at times in 2018 but boy, did he ever put up big numbers when the regular season was all said and done.

Just how big?

Feleipe Franks accounted for 29 total touchdowns during the regular season. He passed for 23 (a number that is higher than Tim Tebow’s total in 2009) and rushed for six more. With a modest performance in the bowl game, Franks could crack into the top seven for a quarterback’s total touchdown record, of all time, at Florida.

Here’s how Feleipe’s 2018 touchdown total stacks up compared to legends of Florida football:

Tim Tebow, 2007 – 55 touchdowns

Tim Tebow, 2008 – 42 touchdowns

Danny Wuerffel, 1996 – 41 touchdowns

Rex Grossman, 2001 – 39 touchdowns

Danny Wuerffel, 1995 – 37 touchdowns

Tim Tebow, 2009 – 35 touchdowns

Chris Leak, 2004 – 31 touchdowns

Feleipe Franks, 2018 – 29 touchdowns *with one game remaining to play

Now that is truly remarkable. Dan Mullen has elevated Franks to a position where his name could be included with some of the greatest college quarterbacks to ever play the game.

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