Just how loud is Ben Hill Grffin Stadium?

Over the years, Ben Hill Grffin Stadium hasn’t been very friendly to opposing teams. Just imagine being the quarterback of the visiting team, with 90,000 rowdy fans literally screaming at you, all at once.

At times, it can almost hurt your hears. It happened in 2006, at the now famous “cock block” as the Gators clinched a victory over South Carolina with a block field goal as time expired. It happened again in 2015, when wide receiver Antonio Callaway turned The Swamp into an insane asylum with his late game heroics against Tennessee.

It even happened as recent as last season, when Florida took on LSU. Late in second half, Dan Mullen knew that the fans needed to give it their all to put LSU off balance. Mullen flailed his arms on the side line like a crazy person to pump up the crowd. All 90,000 in attendance responded in kind with an enormous roar.

If the sound hurt your ears on that day, here is why. Sounds levels at field level have been measured at 115 decibels, with is almost at the threshold to cause pain.

According to Wikipedia, one of the major causes for the extreme loudness is the stadium’s design. As it would turn out, the stadium’s original structure was built in a shallow sinkhole, with many expansions being added on over the years. The field itself is below ground level. “Expansions have enclosed the playing area on all sides with steep stands, and the fans are within a few feet of the action. This traps crowd noise inside the stadium.”

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